Making your move, a smooth transition

Trucking Services for
Local and International Moves

Priority One Logistic LLC smoothly moves your commercial office to the new location through reliable transportation. Trust us to provide a smooth transition of all your equipment and supplies. We offer local and international trucking services, along with dependable travel insurance. Count on us to make your move a smooth transition.



Our team of professional movers helps in relocating goods from one distant place to another. Our goal is to make sure all customer goods arrive in a safe and timely manner.

Transportation Insurance

We provide standard insurance and high-value coverage, ensuring your assets are covered during relocation. 

Additional insurance coverage is available on an as-needed basis. Quotes are generated based on customer-provided material BOM and other coverage requirements. Additional insurance offerings can protect upwards of 5 million-plus in damages if required.


Priority One Logistics LLC Announces the Launch of Their New Website in Partnership with Plaxonic IT Services

Priority One Logistics LLC, a leading logistics and transportation services provider, has announced the successful completion of their website redesign in partnership with Plaxonic IT services. The new website aims to improve user experience, enhance brand awareness, and provide customers with a seamless digital platform to access the company’s range of services.

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