Discover The Top Ways to Explore California

Living or relocating to California comes with many benefits. However, knowing the top ways to explore California after moving to this location is crucial. After you complete your relocation to California with our professional movers, you should make an itinerary to check out both known things about the state and some hidden gems. Let us tell you some of the exciting things that the state has to offer you.

Residential Moving in CA

What makes California great for exploration?

California is always available for everyone. Travelers or Newcomers can expect to explore a variety of amazing places. The place lets you enjoy mesmerizing beaches, tall mountains, and beautiful buildings.

It allows you to enjoy different weather conditions based on various cities. In a year, many people search for “movers near me” in California to find quality options. The beautiful city tells you different stories every other day.

Different Places in Northern California See

You just relocated to California with the help of a reliable moving company and now want to explore the beautiful place.  Northern California is the best place to start your journey. Let’s look at what this amazing place has to offer.

Amazing Outdoor Adventures

This area is a haven for outdoor lovers. Enjoy the beautiful trees of the Redwood National and State Parks or do an adventurous or thrilling activity like white-water rafting on the American River.

However, if you don’t want something thrilling but still want adventure– enjoy kayaking and swimming in Lake Tahoe. If you are relocating in winter, then don’t forget to ski in the surrounding mountains.

Cultural Experiences

Experience the culture of Northern California with its architecture, locals, and food. San Francisco is a great example to show that the state doesn’t have any dull moments. Explore Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz to see the history of the area. Enjoy festivals and different cultures in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Go to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the de Young Museum to experience the history and art. While in the San Francisco Bay Area, take a tour of beautiful Alcatraz Island and enjoy skyline views, historic gardens, and a sanctuary for nesting waterbirds. Enjoy the island with a ferry ride.


 Do you always look for something good? Something that is still waiting for people to discover? A place where people are less but beauty is insanely important. Well, we have that place for you. Enjoy your peace in Reyes Seashore with slow walks with yourself or your loved ones.

You can also check out the local wildlife. Adventure lovers can enjoy their day in Lassen Volcanic National Park with hiking. The beautiful Northern California has one more thing to make you fall in love– small towns to chill and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Explore the beauty of Southern California

Southern California has something amazing to offer. Enjoy the surreal rock formations and spiky trees in the Joshua Tree National Park. From the Keys View crest, experience the beautiful view of the infamous San Andreas Fault from above.

Beaches and Coastal Wanders

After moving to California, you can’t miss the beaches and coastlines of Southern California. You can’t name one, there are many of them and each of them comes with its uniqueness.

If you enjoy surfing, Malibu Beach is meant for you. Want to have a Family beach day? Santa Monica will offer everything you need. Enjoy the sunset, water adventures, and lots of fun activities you want to do.


Hiking and outdoor adventures await you in Southern California. Explore the Santa Monica Mountains, where you can enjoy a variety of vegetation and wildlife. Some of the best hikes you can do in Southern California are

  • Devils Punchbowl
  • Mt Baldy
  • The Slot in Anza Borrego
  • Barker Dam in Joshua Tree
  • Bridge to Nowhere

Enjoy California After Moving

Explore California after moving with all the things we mentioned. Enjoy outdoor fun, beautiful views, festivals, and historical places in California. Take your time and enjoy the place day by day. Above all, Priority One Logistics makes sure that your move to California is seamless and comfortable.

Feel free to connect with Priority One Logistics LLC Team for any assistance.