Data Center Relocation

Offering Turnkey Technology Solutions

Data Center Relocation

Turnkey Installation

 Our team provides complete data center relocation services to customers ensuring the safe and smooth relocation of all assets to their new work area.

  • Packaging Materials- We provide essential packaging materials which help in protecting items from damage, tampering, or pilferage and ensure safety from extreme weather conditions.
  • Professional De-Install / Reinstall Team- Our team of professional installers ensure a smooth re-installation of data center equipment & infrastructure. Installers who are highly knowledgeable with all major office furniture brands allows us to complete installation projects fast & efficiently.
  • Move Labor and Transportation Support- We facilitate continuous transportation support in moving cargo from one place to another. Our trucking services ensure the safety of products with GPS tracking and 24-hour direct driver contact.
  • Warehousing- We help customers store their products or goods safely in our temp-controlled warehouse. Forklift and dock access allows us to safely receive and place large equipment in our storage facility.

Proper Shipping Material

  • Packing Material Tailored to Equipment Size and Weight
  • Custom Crating
  • Equipment To Support Populated Rack Moves
  • Antistatic Materials

Coast-to-Coast Trucking

  • Private Trucking Service
  • Security Escort
  • Double Ops Class A Drivers
  • GPS Tracking
  • 24-Hr Direct Driver Contact